What Else Is Important For Growth

15 May

Else Is Important For GrowthIt is known that children, who grow up in love, have a higher growth and good health than children deprived of care and affection. Love your children, be friends with them, pat them, help them!
Extremely important for the growth of good restful sleep
Child grows mainly at night when sleeping. It is therefore necessary to make every effort so that the child does not go to bed late and that he did not wake up from the noise of home. Often go to the doctor about stunting parents of boys aged 13-15 years. They worry that all the guys-peers ahead of its growth. At the age of 13 years old boy is gradually turning into a man, and in this period is usually a jump in growth.
The guy’s classmates this jump occurred and your son is not. In this case, you should consult with your doctor, but not before asking how his father grew up. Maybe he grew up in the same way, and only 16-17 years to catch up, and maybe outscored their peers.

This condition is called “constitutional delay of growth and puberty.” Doctor can help you put this diagnosis after exclusion of other causes of stunting. In this case, it is possible to predict the final height of the child. You need to make your child brush radiograph to determine bone age.
For example, your boy 13 years; Height 135 cm, it is below the lower limit of growth. But his bone age is only 11 years. Take a look at the growth curves for boys from 5 to 19 years and you will see that for 11 years of his normal growth. The end of his growth will be at least 173-175 cm

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