What To Do If Your Problem Is Obesity Or Cellulite

10 Apr

Problem Is Obesity Or Cellulite

If your problem is obesity or cellulite, lymphatic drainage is desirable to combine with wraps or massages. The recommended course of lymph drainage must be done 10 sessions. During this time the swelling will go away, the skin becomes more supple and fresh, you are sure to throw off a few extra pounds and inches, and plus to this – good mood and feel great.
The best recipes for cellulite removal are pet’s wraps – see the most popular home recipes wraps, how to make wraps at home based on recipes from clay, algae, chocolate and wine.

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Clay wraps – perhaps the most easily accessible of all types of domestic wraps with excellent price-performance ratio. Clay – a source of minerals and trace elements that are beneficial for the skin condition. Pets clay wraps help cleanse the skin, make it smooth and silky, help you lose weight and get rid of cellulite.
In order to make a clay body wrap at home, use this recipe: Dissolve warm water 1 package of clay (best suited blue, green and white), which is about 4 tbsp. l., to pasty mass, then add 1 tbsp. liter any vegetable oils (olive, sunflower, almond). The resulting mixture was put on the body, turn around and lie down with cling film 30-40 minutes under a blanket. Then take a shower.

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