Prevent The Appearance Of The Abdominal Muscles

07 Apr

Appearance Of The Abdominal Muscles

Do not exercise aerobic exercises: Especially walking or driving a bike and these sports help a lot to prevent the accumulation of fat around the abdominal area, physical resistance and may not enough alone.
Excessive smoking and soft drinks: Factors slows metabolism “metabolism”, and help to the accumulation of fat and fluid around the abdominal area.
Psychological and physical disorders: Just like the lack of sleep. Tension and nervousness and stress factors that stimulate the secretion of hormones that reduce the ability of the man’s body to burn calories, and help in the accumulation of fat and fluid retention around the abdominal area
Eating greedily. Your Guide to Paleo Review The Official Website
Some thought that exercise alone capable to get a belly taut and athletic body, but this is completely wrong, you control what you eat, but you also do not follow a diet low in calories may not be commensurate with the amount of effort that you do, where leads to an increase in binge in eating as a reaction to deprivation and the lack of many of the elements and minerals food and also eat fatty diets and difficult to digest at times late into the night and that at least the physical exertion and intellectual and vital in general.
Lack of sleep: Lack of sleep leads to increased secretion of the hormone cortisol, which promotes greater concentration of fat and fluids harmful to the stomach area, so always, is sure to sleep for a period ranging between 7 to 8 hours a day.

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